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The Challenge


The organisation authors and publishes thousands of reports on equipment and stock supplies.

Historically, the different types of items contained within those reports remained static, but when this changed, a dynamically updated solution was required. They were looking for a way to simplify and streamline the complex, labour intensive task of stock-taking and creating reports.

They wanted to ensure that human errors and the subsequent risks were minimised and mitigated, and create a strategic and agile digital capability.

Our Solution


The Adarga Knowledge Platform ingested their existing and historic reports in Word, PDF and Excel spreadsheets,

Using its high-fidelity AI algorithms trained to understand and analyse the meaning and context of complex defence data, the Adarga Knowledge Platform identified specialist equipment and stock along with all of the other entities.

This included disambiguating (identifying the intended sense of a word based on the context in which it appears) complex items in their data.

The data was correlated and integrated but also searchable by clearance level.

Users benefitted from timelines to monitor changes and reveal patterns, summarisation of documents to see key points immediately, as well as corroborated sources and much more.

The Results


Users were empowered to work more efficiently and deliver credible, quantified reports and information on time to exact specifications.

  • Human error was minimalised since AI performed the time-intensive work of tagging and identifying our customer’s stock and equipment.

  • Hours of worktime was saved by automating tasks and liberating users from the ‘manual’ work.

  • Patterns and trends were identified through coherent data meaning strategic decision-making was more accurate and timely.

Image: UK MOD © Crown copyright

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