The Problem

Adarga’s customer reinsures over £2 trillion of terrorism risk exposure. They required a clearer understanding of the frequency and likelihood of terrorism to accurately model and price risk for the insurance market.

Our customer was looking for a strategic solution and partner that could help them to achieve better results in an automated way.

Our Solution

Adarga used adargaengine™ and adargabench™ to create a dynamic network that automatically reclassifies data and saves on the manual effort of indexing, searching for information and reporting. Our customer now uses accurate machine generated intelligence to gain timely insights into the counter-terrorism threats, incidents and trends.

The solution uses the following functionality:

  • Market specific natural language processing
  • Entity, event and relationship extraction and corroboration
  • Visualising relationships between individual entities and whole data sets
  • Meaningfully summarising long documents

The Results


entities extracted

  • Over 750,000 documents ingested
  • Over 29,000,000 relationships identified

Results after implementation include:

  • The rapid production of detailed, fully referenceable report that cut straight to the critical information required in order to make key operational decisions.
  • All documents read, understood and analysed in under two hours compared to over four weeks of human reading time.