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Adarga's Knowledge Platform® is powering organisations in Defence, National Security and the wider Public Sector.

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We are experiencing unprecedented growth in data.

The Problem

Huge value exists for companies who generate true knowledge and insight from this data.

But the fastest growing form of this data is unstructured - that's emails, text documents, websites, social media, video files. Unstructured data is the hardest to exploit and the most vital for organisations to harness in order to gain a competitive edge.

Our Answer

The Adarga Knowledge Platform® enables you to exploit data and information at a speed and scale previously unimaginable.

A single, secure platform for your most complex data needs.


Empower mission-critical decisions


Improve accuracy, speed and precision


Transform productivity


Fully extendable and scalable across your organisation


Built for rapid and seamless integration with partner programmes


No code AI: Highly intuitive, no programming knowledge required

Adarga's Knowledge Platform helps you to unlock relevant, insightful and actionable intelligence at speed and scale. Here are some examples of how:


Accelerated Network Analysis

Accelerate investigations and surface unknown relationships from millions of data points analysed and connected automatically by the platform in seconds. Complex connections between people, places, organisations etc. are identified with fully evidenced relationships delivering insights that may have previously been missed.


Automated Event Monitoring

Rapidly understand past and developing events in context through detailed classification, identification of key actors, actions and consequences. Capture vital details to enhance your planning and response capabilities.


High Volume Text Analysis and Reporting

Automatically generated and appended high quality abstracts, including multi-document summaries with references and citations, significantly reduce reading time and accelerate report-creation.

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