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Adarga’s vision is to empower us all to realise the full potential of available knowledge.

Our mission: to enhance your ability to use information to make better decisions today.

About Us

what we do

Adarga's powerful AI analytics technology processes unstructured data at speed and scale - extracting information in context and presenting it in comprehensible formats. Adarga is providing organisations with the ability to harness the power of information with out-of-the-box AI capability. This is fundamental to remaining competitive in today's information age.

Powered by natural language processing, machine learning and network science technology, Adarga's Knowledge Platform enables organisations to stay ahead of fast evolving situations, make better decisions, anticipate emerging threats and mitigate risk.

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Our expertise

Adarga has unparalleled expertise and deep industry knowledge of the government, defence, and intelligence sectors: we are uniquely positioned to understand your sector-specific challenges.

Adarga Specialisation

The Adarga team collectively has decades of experience in applying artificial intelligence to real world problems. We specialise in natural language processing, network science and machine learning technology.

Our customers

Our customers are organisations engaged in defence and national security, as well as commercial businesses. Our users are analysts and decision makers who are facing the greatest challenges in the variety, scale, and complexity of their information. We meet this challenge with our software, the Adarga Knowledge Platform.

Our software

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Our history

Adarga was founded in 2016 by our CEO Robert Bassett Cross in response to the challenges presented by the exponential growth in information.

Rob has first-hand experience of this issue from both the British Army and working in the financial sector. The data was different, but the issue was the same: too much information, which was too fast and too complex for humans to manage alone.

Organisations make mission-critical decisions based on data regularly. The speed and accuracy of deriving and interpreting information is vital. Adarga was created to take unique artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques that can read and understand text, voice and video data, and then apply this to real-world problems. Our ground-breaking Adarga Knowledge Platform does just that.


We are the only company that offers

End-to-end, secure software platform for high volumes of in-house and open-source information.

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