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We are faced with overwhelming volumes of unstructured data – news feeds, reports, presentations, videos etc. There is powerful competitive advantage for organisations able to exploit unstructured data, yet only 1% are able to leverage it as a strategic asset.

Is your organisation harnessing the power of unstructured data?

Adarga’s Knowledge Platform processes unstructured data at a speed simply unachievable by humans alone, presenting it in comprehensible formats. Users can accelerate reporting, analyse complex situations and understand intricate networks with out-of-the-box AI capability that enhances human decision-making by providing:

Distillation of High-Volume Information

Automated extraction, advanced summarisation, and clustering of information allows you to surface useable intelligence at speed.


Reduction in reading time with advanced summarisation


Achieved in <1hr what would take a human analyst 28 days


more time for analysis and decision-making

Innovative technology like this is a gamechanger in increasing the speed and robustness of our decision making.

British Army

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The Adarga Knowledge Platform transforms productivity and extends human capability by automating time and knowledge-intensive tasks. It uses cutting-edge AI techniques, including natural language processing and network science, to understand and analyse unstructured data at speed, fusing it into a single, secure software platform.

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