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The Challenge


The European Leadership Network produces high-quality research, reports and practical policy advice for governments on the gravest risks to Euro/Atlantic security. There has not been a point in modern history where the work of ELN’s experts and highly skilled analysts and researchers has been more necessary.

In one recent example, ELN were given a very short deadline to provide robust analysis on a specific geo-political situation, identify emerging trends and suggest what innovative levers Governments might pull to influence future outcomes.

However, delivering comprehensive and timely insight to government decision-makers is becoming increasingly challenging. Today’s progressively more complex geo-political landscape is converging with, and generating, exploding volumes of multi-lingual media content. Buried in all the news and reports are crucial facts and vital indications of shifts in sentiment – information that if not picked up could present serious risks, or lead to missed opportunities.

ELN recognise – as all analysts recognise – that humans simply do not have the capacity to deal with collating and assessing this scale and complexity of information. For context, America produces around 14.8k national and local newspapers every week. Reading the 327m+ words they contain would take one person roughly 15 working years.

Our Solution


ELN’s highly experienced security analysts and researchers use Adarga's AI software to help accelerate and enrich their research and reporting capabilities. They are seeing that this has a transformative impact on their workflows. It automates laborious information processing tasks and allows them to focus on critical risk analysis and the crafting of possible solutions that decision-makers demand.

An end-to-end tool, Adarga's AI software continuously ingests relevant government, media, think-tank and academic sources for ELN, instantly translating 75+ languages, extracting the information, and presenting it in comprehensible formats. Advanced summarisation capabilities make content easily consumable. At any time they are able to quickly gain a comprehensive view of situations and pose questions to the vast body of information in the product to unveil hidden insights, different narratives at play, evidence of disinformation, and deeply buried linkages between seemingly unconnected people, places, organisations and events that have been automatically detected.

By providing a collaborative workspace, the analysts are able to query the product in different ways to identify new perspectives, to share converging trends and threat indicators and to bring together their deep investigative work to propose mitigating measures – with all of the supporting evidence saved and shared in one workspace.

The Results


Adarga's AI software is providing ELN with a transformative approach to performing their day-to-day research tasks. Below are some of the outcomes achieved when delivering a critical report to a government customer:

  • A rich, fully evidenced 42-page report produced in just one week.

  • Identification of a range of unexpected insights and perspectives to inform action.

  • Report outweighed 6 months of research work on the same topic performed elsewhere.

  • Up to 20 x faster and more effective than previous working processes.

  • 300% increase in volume and diversity of sources analysed, providing a more comprehensive view.

  • 600,000 explorable connections identified by the product in minutes.

  • Detected complex relationships between people, places and organisations they’d have never spotted via standard methods.

  • Instant translation of 75+ language sources provided a rapid, cost-effective way to investigate different perspectives and narratives.

  • Out-of-the-box AI capability was intuitive for non-technical teams to use.



“Previously I had to spread 50 documents over my desk and worked through each slowly with a highlighter… that was several hundred times slower than with Adarga's AI software. Previously, it was impossible to share references and quotes with others, that’s all seamless now.” Sir Graham Stacey – Senior Policy Fellow

“I had wasted many weeks two years ago scrolling through and analysing docs that would have taken only 20 minutes with the network builder today.” Andreas Persbo – Research Director

"It’s like having the power of 200 analysts at your fingertips. We’ve discovered connections that were impossible to have identified without Adarga.” Andreas Persbo, Research Director

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