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The Challenge


Our customer undertakes time-sensitive, intelligence-led planning. Finding key information and identifying complex relationships between entities (people, places, events, organisations etc.) of interest within fleeting windows of opportunity will often dictate whether a mission is a success or failure. The challenge is that the critical information is buried within huge amounts of disparate data.

For any given mission, analysts may be required to read and analyse a backlog of hundreds of thousands of documents, with thousands of new documents being added each day. To manually process this amount of documentation effectively would take multiple analysts months of work.

The time-critical and fast-evolving nature of missions of this kind meant our customer needed a solution that could immediately help to generate actionable insights from the data and quickly identify hidden connections that existed across all of the entities of interest.

The Solution


Adarga's AI software was deployed to automate the time-intensive processes involved with document analysis and enhance users’ ability to connect the dots between vast entities of interest.

The documents, along with the new and incoming information, were ingested into Adarga’s single, software product where they were read, understood and analysed using our high-fidelity AI models trained on defence terminology.

The output of this analysis powers Adarga’s Knowledge Graph which dynamically maps all of the identified entities, the complex relationships between them, and the strength of those relationships in a single, interconnected picture.

Users could navigate the outputs of the AI analytics product via the Adarga Bench user interface. This included the Entity Explorer that visualises how the information is interlinked and allows the analyst to explore and build a network of connections of interest: a key use-case for intelligence-led missions.

Geographical visualisations, timelines and document summarisation also enhanced and extended the users’ analysis.

Adarga's AI software was seamlessly deployed and integrated alongside the organisation’s current technical architecture – their private cloud. As well as other third-party deployment tools alongside our system integrator partner.

A variety of data types were ingested into the product including common document formats (word, excel etc.), images and video files.

The Results

  • Adarga’s product achieved in 24 hours what would take four analysts over a month of work for just one part of the analysis process.
  • Huge efficiency increase. Over 4x more time for the user to spend on analysis and decision-making rather than data sourcing and processing.

  • Faster and more effective discovery of hidden connections. The Knowledge Graph identifies relationships between entities that may otherwise appear unrelated, and are undetectable by a traditional, relational database approach or by human analysis alone.

  • Greatly enhanced situational awareness for users thanks to increased and more thorough data coverage.

  • The first modern, complex application to be hosted in such an environment.

  • Operational within 24 hours following installation, with rapid integration with the customer's private cloud and third-party deployment tools.

Image: UK MOD © Crown copyright 2020

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